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My life is always changing for the better.  Differences between the life I used to have and the one I live now are profound.  My foundation is the wonder of God.

To believe or not believe in God wasn’t a complicated decision for me.  I came to a fork in the path and chose this way because it seemed low-risk.  I had nothing to lose, everything to gain (thank you, Jesus).  The more I walked forward, the more committed I became.  I began to know God.  I began to realize that He loves me.  I learned about salvation, righteousness, grace…words that before meant nothing to me.  I learned about the Holy Spirit.  He’s now my teacher and dearest friend.  He’s witty and wise;  He’s an amazing counselor, always ready to talk.

The changes have not all been easy, but I’m grateful I committed to this path.  Many more opportunities for growth and change and love lie ahead.

I say it all the time –

                                    I   love   this   life!

Copyright 2012
Leah Lambert Smith

Update – I updated many thoughts from this blog and included them in my recently published book Changing From Glory to GloryClick on the title to find it at Proceeds from the sale of the books provide copies to be sown into lives needing encouragement. If reading the book has positively impacted your life, share the word by leaving a review on Amazon.


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  1. 😉 I’m with ya. 🙂


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